QuickBooks Desktop 2020: What’s New and Improved?

QuickBooks Desktop 2020: What’s New and Improved?


QuickBooks Desktop 2020: What’s New and Improved?

QuickBooks® Desktop 2020 includes a range of latest and improved options that facilitate our purchasers get additional done, whereas up the responsibleness and skill of exploitation the software package. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions’ users can notice that this year’s unleash can facilitate them receive inventory and fulfill their customer’s orders quicker and with additional accuracy.
2020 Desktop Certification
The new 2020 Desktop Certification 
options new ways in which of learning, together with demonstrations that showcase the employment of QuickBooks Desktop. additionally, it spotlights the new 2020 QuickBooks Desktop options, including:

• Customer invoice history 
• Condensed 
record improvement
• Easy version upgrades
In-product demonstrations 
in addition as tips for the communicating ar provided by Advanced Certified ProAdvisors. additionally, users are granted access to supplemental guides in PDF kind that accompany every module for straightforward review and reference for the certification communicating.
connection the Deluxe or Premium QuickBooks ProAdvisor® Program, and upon roaring completion of the certification communicatingyou may earn a hundred points as a part of the recently redesigned ProAdvisor Program.
Don’t wait! Your 
purchasers can appreciate you even additional with the extra experience you may gain from the resources provided to you as a part of your membership.
client Invoice History huntsman
Included With: QuickBooks 
professional, Premier, bourgeois twenty and Enterprise 20.0.
Accessible: From a displayed 
produce Invoices window, click the See History link to the proper of {the kind|the shape} name (“Invoice” is that the default form name once exploitation Associate in Nursing Intuit® invoice template).
time period invoice standing pursuit. Single, consolidated read of invoice standing includes tracking:
• Invoice created date
• Invoice 
• Invoice email date and 
client name (if invoice is emailed from among QuickBooks exploitation one among the supported email configurations within the Send preferences)
• Invoice viewed date – 
web affiliation needed to visualize the “viewed” standing
• Amount and date of 
client Receive Payment recorded in QuickBooks
• Amount and date of 
build Deposit recorded in QuickBooks
time period client invoice history info accessible, users will take timely actions to boost communications with purchasers concerning their open assets. Note: This feature doesn’t work if the QuickBooks user is exploitation Microsoft Outlook 2010

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New! Transfer Credits Between Jobs of a similar client
Available With: QuickBooks 
professional, Premier, bourgeois twenty and Enterprise 20.0.
Accessible: For a 
client that has open (unapplied) credits, from the most ribbon on a displayed produce Invoices window, choose Apply Credits.
expeditiously apply client credits across all jobs of a similar elect client. New column on the Apply Credits window displays the client and Job that the credit is presently allotted to. From the Apply Credits window, users will assign that credit to alternative jobs of a similar client record.
QuickBooks records 
Associate in Nursing in/out dealing through Associate in Nursing alternative Current plus sort account named “Account for Credit Transfer.” This account is extra mechanically by QuickBooks upon the primary instance once a user assigns a credit from one job to a different within the Apply Credits window. By default the mechanically created account is listed as “inactive” on the Chart of Accounts to discourage users from choosing it throughout traditional dealing entry.
Cautions noted with this feature include:
• The transfer of credits from one job 
to a different among a similar client can not be undone. Any future corrections would want to be done manually employing a separate dealing.
• Users 
while not Chart of Accounts access cannot perform the “first” instance of the transfer of credits between jobs. QuickBooks uses the primary instance to trigger the creation of the new alternative Current plus account mentioned antecedently.
• The Transfer of Credits 
Associate in Nursingd Apply Credits doesn’t work once in an Accountant’s Copy of the client’s information.
New and Improved! User Prompt 
to form a Bill Payment once exploitation the Write Check
Available With: QuickBooks 
professional, Premier, bourgeois twenty and Enterprise 20.0.
Accessible: The new Check for Bills dialog prompt 
can show once making a Write Check for a vender whom has Associate in Nursing open (unpaid) vender bill(s). From the menu bar, choose Banking > Write Check and within the Pay to the Order of field, enter a vender name that presently has Associate in Nursing unpaid vender bill(s).
Features: New and improved prompt helps users avoid 
exploitation the Write Check dealing sort once the correct dealing sort ought to be a vender Bill Payment. once a user enters a vender name within the Pay to the Order of field on a Write Check dealing for a vender that has open vender bills, QuickBooks displays a brand new Check for Bills window.
The improvement this year is to prompt users by default 
to travel to Pay Bills. once elect, the Pay Bills window can launch already filtered for the chosen vendor’s unpaid bills. Optionally, users will choose to still “Write your check” (not distribution it to Associate in Nursing open vender bill).
worker Pay Adjustment History
Available With: QuickBooks 
professional, Premier, bourgeois 2018 and Enterprise eighteen.0 Maintenance unleash R3 or newer (to verify the upkeep unleash of you or your client’s current QuickBooks version, open QuickBooks and from a windows keyboard choose the F2 key). Note this was a race unleash during a later maintenance unleash of QuickBooks 2019.
Accessible: From the menu bar, 
choose Reports > staff & Payroll > worker Pay changes History. accessible in QuickBooks with a full of life Basic, increased or aided payroll subscription.
Feature: Track changes to 
worker pay rates (only hourly, salary, bonus and commission items).
Note: Rates shown on the report 
ar supported existing payroll check information. Rates for remuneration things show the calculable annualized rate.
Improved! Inactive Inventory 
things enclosed in Inventory Report Totals
Included With: QuickBooks 
professional, Premier, bourgeois twenty and Enterprise 20.0.
Accessible: From the menu bar, 
choose Reports > Inventory > Inventory Valuation outline or Inventory Valuation Detail
once making ready the Inventory Valuation reports, users will choose to incorporate inactive inventory things. A company’s suggested method would be that every one inventory things to try to made inactive don’t have a amount to be had in QuickBooks. However, usually a business can build inventory things inactive despite having a amount to be had.
In QuickBooks Desktop 2020, users 
will like better to embrace inactive inventory things within the Inventory Valuation outline or Detail report. together with all inventory things in these reports can make sure that accountants and their purchasers will reconcile the Inventory plus account total on the record to the overall plus price on the inventory valuation reports.
Improved! Sick and Vacation Pay 
Included With: QuickBooks 
professional, Premier, bourgeois twenty and Enterprise 20.0 with a full of life Payroll Subscription.
to line the new most sort defaults for Sick or Vacation time, log in because the Admin user and in Single User Mode. Then from the menu bar, choose Edit > Preferences > Payroll & staffchoose the corporate Preferences tab and click on the Sick and Vacation button.


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Features: New company preference for setting 
the utmost sort for Sick and Vacation time. Settings embrace either most hours at a time, or most hours for the year.
The maximum 
sort company preference determines the overall hours Associate in Nursing worker will accrue. for instance, if the utmost style of hours for the year is chosen because the default, Associate in Nursing worker can stop accruing time once they have met the utmost range of hours given.
pursuit and coverage of worker sick and vacation time (sick and vacation accruement needs vary state by state; client is to blame for making certain compliance with applicable laws and regulations). QuickBooks users ar warned once saving a payroll check dealing once sick and/or vacation time exceeds the accessible time for that payroll compensation item.
Additionally, paystub 
information has been updated to include: Year-To-Date and Current pay amount values for increased, Used and accessible sick and vacation time details.
Improved! Sensitive Payroll Permissions
Included With: QuickBooks Enterprise 
Accessible: From the menu bar, 
choose Company > Users > Setup Users and Roles (note: solely the Admin user for the file will add or modify users).


Features: QuickBooks Enterprise twenty.0 provides the Admin for the file with a additional definitive read of any permission levels that once assigned to a user, would come with access to sensitive payroll transactions.
Admin user warned 
once assignment a permission that grants payroll dealings access. On the role List dialog, if a task has associate asterisk (*) next to the name, that Role permits access to sensitive payroll transactions.
straightforward Upgrade
Available With: QuickBooks 
professional (Plus), Premier (Plus) and Enterprise nineteen.0. This improvement was a flow unleash in a very later maintenance releases of multiple years versions of QuickBooks.
easy two-click method to put in the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop. the complete upgrade processes is machine-controlled and also the user has the choice to retain the older version of QuickBooks (recommended).
When the user opens a 
recently put in version of QuickBooks Desktop, the links to their knowledge file(s) can already be enclosed within the No Company File Open window. this can be associate improvement from previous year’s versions of QuickBooks once when putting in a replacement version, the user had to browse to seek out their QuickBooks files for the primary time.
Included With: Accessible for QuickBooks 
professional, Premier, bourgeois 2016 and Enterprise sixteen.0 and newer.
Access: From the menu bar, 
choose File > Utilities > Move QuickBooks to a different pc.
Feature: This migrator tool downloads 
the foremost recent maintenance unleash of the year’s version of QuickBooks that the user owns. This tool can copy up to 3 recent QuickBooks date files in conjunction with several alternative things.
To move the QuickBooks 
record seamlessly your shopper can need:
• Old 
pc wherever current record resides.
• A thumb drive.
• New 
pc with an online affiliation.
When the feature is launched on the 
recent pc and also the QuickBooks user plugs-in the thumb drive, the tool mechanically downloads the most recent maintenance unleash of the QuickBooks version the user owns, copies the files required to put in the program and knowledge files on a replacement pc. These files include: registration and license details for the QuickBooks program version being employed, attachments, templates, etc. A comprehensive list are often reviewed during this content article.
Improved! Condense 
record optimisation
Included With: QuickBooks 
professional, Premier, bourgeois twenty and Enterprise V 20.0.
Accessible: From the QuickBooks 
bourgeois menu bar, choose bourgeois > Condense knowledge. Optionally, from a client’s version of QuickBooks from the menu bar, choose File > Utilities > Condense knowledge.
faithfully scale back a QuickBooks company file size while not deleting knowledgeonce selecting to condense knowledgethere’s the choice to stay all transactions and solely take away the audit path. Behind the scenes QuickBooks conjointly cleans up some performance logs and alternative technical details, leading to associate calculable thirty two p.c file size reduction.
Improved! IIF (Intuit Interchange Format) List and 
knowledge Imports
Included With: QuickBooks 
professional, Premier, bourgeois 2019 and Enterprise nineteen.0.
Accessible: If 
exportation from one QuickBooks file to another: from the menu bar, choose File > Utilities > Export > Lists to IIF Files and choose the Lists you would like to export to associate IIF formatted file. From the new QuickBooks file, choose File > Utilities > Import > IIF Files and browse to the IIF file created for import. QuickBooks users may produce associate IIF formatted worksheet and manually add knowledge for import. you’ll learn additional concerning IIF export/import practicality by reading this data base article.
technique of commercialism lists or knowledge into QuickBooks that has been accessible for several years. Improved IIF commercialism, validates the information to be foreign. Creates a file of records that can’t be foreignallowing the user to repair the errors and import the corrected records singly. IIF import supports each lists and transactions.
commercialism any knowledge into QuickBooks needs an explicit quantity of data concerning however every of the information parts being foreign is employed by QuickBooks. within the example displayed here, there was a Payment Term assigned to vender records within the vender import file that wasn’t enclosed with the import knowledge on the IIF formatted worksheet, leading to the reported errors.
get the picture knowledge shield
Included With: QuickBooks 
professional, Premier, bourgeois 2019 and Enterprise nineteen.0.
Accessible: From the file menu, 
choose make a copy Company > Setup / Activate on-line Backup
Features: Seamless and intuitive 
machine-controlled knowledge backup and restore expertiseget the picture knowledge shield is {an on-line|a web|an internet} backup service that helps you and your shoppers shield their knowledge from loss or injury by mechanically backing up the QuickBooks record (Intuit knowledge shield uses latest online version of information protection/backup package that optimizes backup speed. further fees might apply). Users may additionally like better to embrace alternative essential knowledge or documents in their backup routine.
This year’s 
unleash improves the user setup expertise and provides choices for being notified concerning the success and/or failure of regular backups.
Improved! Receive Inventory 
method – order Worksheet
Included With: 
atomic number 78 Subscription to QuickBooks Enterprise eighteen.0 Maintenance unleash R5 or newer with Advanced Inventory enabled. This feature was a flow unleash in a very later maintenance unleash of QuickBooks 2018.
Accessible: The Admin user 
should initial modify this feature from the menu bar by choosing, Edit > Preferences > things & Inventory > Advanced Inventory Settings > web site Operations (Internet affiliation required). when enabling the acquisition Order Worksheet, it are often accessed from the menu bar, choosing Vendors > order Management Worksheet, or identical choice from the Inventory menu.
Note: To use this feature with a mobile device, follow the 
directions on the positioning Operations preference dialog mentioned on top of. Scanners or mobile devices sold singlysolely accessible in Advanced Inventory module, that is offered in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise atomic number 78. Learn additional concerning Advanced Inventory here.
Features and workflow: Improved inventory receiving 
method reduces knowledge entry errors and encourages potencywhen enabling the feature and connecting a mobile device the subsequent is that the typical receive inventory progress, requiring an online affiliation for each the QuickBooks Enterprise file and also the warehouse location(s):
1. QuickBooks purchase orders 
area unit prioritized and assigned to a Warehouse employee (vendor type) and synced with the mobile device(s) across warehouse(s).
2. The 
assigned Warehouse employee logs into the mobile app from the warehouse location and scans barcodes, or serial variety barcodes, or if not scanning, manually enters the number of things received.
3. Warehouse 
employee sends the updated received details back to the acquisition Order within the QuickBooks Enterprise file
4. From 
the acquisition Order Management Worksheet, the QuickBooks user will automatize making associate Item Receipt or vender Bill from the updated order details.
Note: This worksheet 
may be used with none form of mobile app/scanner by printing out the worksheet and marking receipts of item details manually.
New and Improved! 
decide, Pack and Ship method – Sales Order Worksheet
Included With:


quickbooks support phone number  +1 (802)227-7770
quickbooks help number  +1 (802)227-7770
               quickbooks help              +1 (802)227-7770
quickbooks customer service   +1 (802)227-7770
quickbooks phone number  +1 (802)227-7770
quickbooks support number  +1 (802)227-7770
quickbooks customer service phone number  +1 (802)227-7770
quickbooks contact  +1 (802)227-7770
quickbooks pro support phone number  +1 (802)227-7770
quickbooks pro support  +1 (802)227-7770
quickbooks premier support phone number  +1 (802)227-7770
quickbooks enterprise support  +1 (802)227-7770
quickbooks enterprise support phone number  +1 (802)227-7770
quickbooks point of sale support number  +1 (802)227-7770
quickbooks payroll support phone number  +1 (802)227-7770
turbotax customer service  +1 (802)227-7770

• Pick workflow: atomic number 78 Subscription to QuickBooks Enterprise eighteen.0 or newer. The decide progress was enclosed with the discharge of QuickBooks Enterprise eighteen.0 with Advanced Inventory enabled.
• Pack and Ship workflow: QuickBooks Enterprise 
nineteen.0, with Advanced Inventory enabled.
Accessible: The Admin user 
should initial modify this feature from the menu bar by choosing, Edit > Preferences > things & Inventory > Advanced Inventory Settings > web site Operations (Internet affiliation required). when enabling the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet, you’ll access this worksheet from the menu bar, choosing Customers > Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet.
Note: For Pack/Ship 
practicality, users should have the most recent QuickBooks Warehouse App (currently version one.2). From the mobile device, choose Settings > Apps and choose the QuickBooks Desktop Warehouse app to look at the version info.
Features: Improve 
potency and accuracy within the fulfillment of customer’s sales orders in QuickBooks. when enabling the feature and connecting a mobile device the subsequent could be a typical decide, pack and ship progress handily managed from the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet Dashboard:
decide workflow: QuickBooks Enterprise eighteen.0 or newer Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet needs an online affiliation for each the QuickBooks file and at the warehouse:
1. In QuickBooks inventory, picklists 
area unit prioritized and created from sales orders and assigned to a Warehouse employee (vendor type) and synced with the mobile device(s) across warehouse(s).
2. The 
assigned Warehouse employee logs into the mobile app from the warehouse location (internet affiliation required) and scans barcodes, or serial variety barcodes, or if not scanning, manually enters the number of things picked.
3. Updated picklist details 
area unit sent back to the QuickBooks Enterprise file and update the Sales Order line details.
New! Pack, Ship workflow: QuickBooks Enterprise 
nineteen.0 Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet needs an online affiliation for each the QuickBooks file and at the warehouse:
1. From the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet Dashboard, the Sale Order(s) 
area unit sent for packing and assigned to a Warehouse employee (vendor type).
2. The 
assigned Warehouse employee then records the picked merchandise as boxed and optionally notes the burden and dimensions of the package
merchandise packed area unit synced with the QuickBooks file and update the road details on the Sales Order.
4. QuickBooks user prepares the documentation for shipping, optionally 
victimisation the QuickBooks integration with a FedEx, UPS, or independent agency account, and might optionally have the package details else within the Description column on the Sales Order.
Updated! QuickBooks 
mack 2020
Included With: QuickBooks for 
mack 2020.
Features: It’s back! QuickBooks for 
mack contains a new update for 2020 (last update was for year 2016). Here area unit some of the additional outstanding options free with this update:
iCloud Document Sharing – Convenient 
technique for sharing QuickBooks for mack file victimisation iCloud synchronise. Modify your books on your work mack pc then continue wherever you left off on your home mack pc.
Bank and or 
mastercard Reconcile Discrepancy Report – Identifies changes created to reconciled transactions (for recently created transactions, not those before this release).
Square Import – 
commercialism sales knowledge from sq. via use of .csv file kind.
trailing – Track dates emails sent with a tab within the vender or client Centers.
Report Windows – Improved spacing and readability.
User Passwords – 
currently needed. Personal info is encrypted.
Editor’s note: 
this text can still be updated as additional updates occur for QuickBooks Desktop 2020

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